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Model: Aqua 2 Tankless Water heater

Series: Flow-Tech


The Aqua 2 offers a new and improved version of the traditional tankless water heater, featuring boiler technology for the first time ever. With a 190,000 BTU/h output and 10-1 modulation, this water heater boasts low NOx emissions and an industry-leading .97 EF rating thanks to the use of FlowTech® Condensing technology. It also has the capability to be vented using 2" PVC, CPVC, and Polypropylene, with up to 60' per vent run (120' TOTAL). In addition, it has a 0.2 GPM at 54° F rise (5.1 GPM at 77°F rise) and is re-circulation ready with a pump and expansion tank built in with dedicated connection on the bottom of the unit.

The Flow-Tech Series has a service-friendly design and includes an anti-freeze function protection, valve pack and vent adapters. It is available in natural gas or propane and is wifi compatible. Additionally, it is made in Italy and is the most economically-priced tankless water heater on the market today.

Key features:


· 190,000 BTU/h with 10 to 1 modulation

· 2" PVC, CPVC, & Polypropylene vent capable

· Maximum efficiency of .954 UEF.

· Intelligence meets simplicity with a service-friendly design

· 7.02 GPM at 54° F (5.1 GPM at 77°F)

· Boiler technology in a tankless water heater


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