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At Radiant, we value open communication and accurate information to our esteemed customers. Given recent discussions surrounding our products, we want to address specific points to ensure clarity and provide you with the facts. Here are the crucial aspects you should be aware of regarding Radiant products:


Fact: Radiant products proudly hold CSA certification and Energy Star rating. This signifies our commitment to meeting the highest industry safety and energy efficiency standards.


Fact: Radiant boilers, tankless units, and water heaters represent the pinnacle of efficiency in today's market, boasting an extraordinary 96% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). This excellent rating translates into remarkable energy savings for you.


Fact: Our dedication to excellence is evident in the exceptional venting capabilities of Radiant products. Unlike many others, our units can exceed venting lengths of 100 feet using a 2-inch venting system, offering you unprecedented flexibility during installation.


We want to clarify certain misconceptions that have surfaced:


Misconception: Some may have expressed concerns about the availability of our products. We assure you that Radiant products are abundantly stocked in Ontario. At Thermal Hydronics Supply, we have a vast inventory to cater to your needs.

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Misconception: There have been suggestions that Radiant products necessitate CPVC venting due to high vent temperatures. This is not the case. Our industry-leading 96% AFUE rating ensures our products maintain lower vent temperatures. It is important to note that neither CSA nor any other regulatory authority mandates using CPVC vent material for Radiant products.


Misconception: It has been suggested that Radiant products are not suitable for areas with hard water. On the contrary, Radiant products showcase unparalleled resilience in hard water conditions, boasting an impressive rating of 15.6 grains. Thermal Hydronics Supply offers Filtro Water Treatment Products to enhance your system's performance further.


Fact: It is important to note that fluctuating hot water temperatures are not caused by our water heaters or manufacturing processes. Such fluctuations are typically attributed to deficiencies within the overall system. Rest assured; we stand by the quality and reliability of our products.


If your current supplier cannot fulfill your requirements for Radiant products, we are readily available to assist you. Contact us directly at 905-265-1527, and we will be more than happy to help.


At Radiant, we take great pride in our unwavering commitment to performance, passion, and style. Our diverse product lineup includes the following:


  • Endless heating and DHW (Domestic Hot Water) solutions

  • Onboard storage and on-demand capabilities

  • Dual-Tech® technology, which optimizes efficiency

  • Aqua-Plus®, the ultimate hybrid condensing water heater

  • Quattro®, setting new industry standards for efficiency and style


We are dedicated to setting the record straight in a landscape where misinformation can circulate. You can trust Radiant's Boilers, Tankless water heaters, and standalone water heaters for all your heating needs.


For more detailed information, please visit our official website at or contact our esteemed North American distributor, Thermal Hydronic Supply Ltd., at Additionally, you can find valuable resources at,, and


We appreciate your ongoing support and your trust in Radiant products.


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