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R2KA 34/20

R2KA 34-20.jpg

Model: R2KA 34/20 Condensing Multi-Use Boiler

Series: Dual-Tech


The R2KA 34/20 Condensing Multi-Use Boiler with an on-board Indirect Tank (20 Liter) is part of the Dual-Tech Series that features an industry best 96% AFUE rating. This Energy Star rated condensing boiler comes with a revolutionary  Combi-Tech® stainless steel heat exchanger and a DUALTECH® 20-litre indirect tank on board for DHW storage, providing hydronic heating only or hydronic heating and stored hot water in one package.


Key Features:


· 10-1 modulation with low NOx emissions and 116,000 BTU/h

· Continuous 1-hour flow rate of 267.9 GPM @ 54°F rise (185.47 GPM @ 77°F rise)

· DHW flow rates of 47.95 GPM @ 54°F rise (32.1 GPM @ 77°F rise) for the first 10 minutes

· Built-in circulator pump, expansion tank, and air bleeders

· Digitech® user-friendly interface with outdoor reset

· Capable of venting with 2" PVC, CPVC, and Polypropylene up to 100' per vent run (200' TOTAL) – view additional venting options and information in the downloadable PDF

· Service-friendly design with anti-freeze function protection and valve pack

· Available in natural gas or propane

· Wifi compatible and made in Italy


The R2KA 34/20 Condensing Combi Boiler offers efficient and convenient heating and hot water solutions for any home. Trust in its intelligence and simplicity for a comfortable and worry-free experience.

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