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Aqua 4 - Quattro.jpg

Model: Aqua 4 Quattro Hybrid Condensing Water Heater

Series: Flow-Tech


Introducing the Quattro, a stylish and efficient product that combines the efficiency of tankless with the convenience of 40 USG of storage in one package. It is our first Radiant boiler technology in a condensing hybrid format. The water heater has an industry-leading thermal efficiency of 97% and provides 98,952 BTU/h with low NOx emissions due to its 7-1 modulation.


Key Features:


• 99,000 BTU of power with an impressive 7:1 Modulation.

• It has an industry-leading thermal efficiency of 97% TE.

• The AQUA 4 combines tankless technology with a 40-gallon stainless steel storage tank.

• It has Radiant boiler technology in a Hybrid Water Heater format, making it a highly efficient product.

• The product features convenient top connections and zero clearance sides.

• The FlowTech® Condensing technology enables the product to deliver hi-efficiency performance.

• The AQUA 4 is equipped with a re-circulation pump and an expansion tank built-in and is recirc-ready.

• The product has a service-friendly design with intelligence and performance meeting simplicity.

• Anti-freeze function protection and valve pack and vent adapters are included.

• It is available in natural gas or propane and is Wifi compatible.

• Made in Italy, this water heater is a reliable and long-lasting product you can trust.


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