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Vulcano Low-Velocity

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Model: Vulcano Low-Velocity Hydronic Air Handler


The Vulcano Low-Velocity Hydronic Air Handlers, proudly made in Canada, offers a compact and comfortable solutions for your home or business. The Vulcano THS 50-LV and THS 90-LV models feature simplified installation and a multi-speed ECM motor that adjusts the fan to maintain consistent airflow. Choose from up to 5 different fan speeds for heating and cooling and enjoy the benefits of the soft-ramping fan technology that ensures quiet comfort in all modes of operation.


Key Features:


  • Installer friendly

  • Front mount terminal blocks, external pump and 24 VAC contacts, and standard domestic water priority.

  • Lined with acoustic insulation for added noise reduction.

  • Up to 3 tons of cooling and 100,000 BTU of heating, these air handlers are perfect for use with Radiant boilers, Radiant water heaters, or any other hot water source.

  • Can also accommodate central air conditioning, humidifiers, ERV's & HRV's, and central air cleaners.


Whether you're building a new home or retrofitting an existing one, the Vulcano Low Velocity Hydronic Air Handlers offer simple plug and play installations that are right every time. Trust the installer's choice for your next HVAC project.

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